Short Plays

Jack has written over 30 short plays. Dramas, comedy, and outrageous farce.

Here are a few of them

dana and ted.jpg

Dana DiCerto and Ted Yudain in Testimonial at Manhattan Rep

Testimonial  (drama)



An insecure, confused college professor, forced to retire and in the early stages of Alzheimer's, meets a former student after his Testimonial dinner. Through her kind words and actions, she restores his elusive self-worth.  This play is the winner of several competitions across the country,  and recently won first place in the  "Standing Ovation Awards." It is now included in "The Best Short Plays of 2019," published by Smith & Kraus.

A Message from Angela (drama)

Bobby and Dan have been together since college, and share a tiny apartment in Hell's Kitchen. Lately, harrowing messages are being left by a former college friend , Angela, who is on the verge of a breakdown. Dan wants to reach out and help her, while Bobby is void of compassion. This sets off a rift in their relationship which causes a break up. Bobby leaves, and Dan is left alone to hear Angela's haunting voice as she slips away from reality.

The Theatrical Adventures of

Nils Torvald

In this farce, Nils Torvold, a character in an Ibsen play, announces to his Mother that he does not want to spend the rest of his life in 19th century European drama, so he leaves on an adventure that takes him through various theatrical styles from Beckett to Mamet. learning life lessons along the way.

The Image Consultant

A crusty old Senator, thinking of running for President meets with an image consultant to sharpen up his skills with hilarious results.

Oedipus for Dummies (farce)

The story of Oedipus as told in ten minutes. Complete with a wise-ass chorus, unexpected entrances by mythological characters, and other surprises.

In The Beginning

After God creates the world,  he enlists the services of Moses to help him write a book. Not just any book. Reluctant at first, Moses gives in and regrets his decision to be co-author of the Bible.

A Midnight Dreary (Comedy)

Mrs. Poe has a problem with young Edgar Allan. For a senior in high school, he is quite anti-social and would rather wallow in poems about death. Disturbed by his behavior, she calls in a social worker from the school system to try and straighten him out. She has her work cut out for her.

Sharing (Comedy/Drama)

Two older African-American men wait their turn in a food bank. After they are told that the food has run out, they notice a Muslim woman with a baby who would have nothing to eat. They split their food with her, and she is grateful to  be in America where she sees the spirit of giving.

The Socrates Chronicles  (Farce)

A two-part farce, this is divided into "The Trial Of Socrates," and "The Death of Socrates.