PETEY reading at Theatre Artists Workshop April 4 2019

Scott Bryce,Frank Piazza, and Laura Warfield

Susan Jacobson, Scott Bryce

Scott Bryce, Susan Jacobson, Playwright Jack Rushen, Laura Warfield, and Frank Piazza

Petey, a disabled 60-year-old man, lives with his mother in Queens, NY. Although he is bipolar and finds most things difficult to accomplish, he has a rich inner life with a strong artistic sensibility. He feels that the only thing he can do well is paint.  He also has an obsession with Van Gogh and believes he is a reincarnation. Stuck too long living with his overbearing mother, he asks his younger brother to help him set up a local art gallery. When Petey learns that his family doesn't believe he is capable of running his own business, he realizes there is no one who can help him move forward in life and has a mental breakdown. Petey finally finds his own happiness, but not as he planned it.