A convict accused of killing his family is about to be executed and faces a dishonest journalist hosting an interview for television.   They both have agendas. She wants to portray him as a monster, using him for her own political beliefs. He wants, for one last time, to profess his innocence.  Will he succeed?  Or will she drive the nation into a frenzy in favor of widely supporting "an eye for an eye." The play ends in a shocking realization of what it takes to be human, and how death is inevitable no matter what side of the prison gates you happened to be on.

Theatre Artist Workshop reading  January 13, 2019

Carolyn Marble and Mike Boland

Guy Fortt and Kitty Robertson at the Bedford Playhouse.

The cast of Means To An End at the Theatrer Artists Workshop

Heading 2

Photos by Rod Jovanelly A Touch of Color Photography